Busy Beaver / Paid by the Paren Conlog Most lines of code
Terse Turtle / Brevity is the Soul of Wit art Fewest lines of code
The Elm Award Conlog Most helpful error messages
? art Least helpful error messages
Rock and a Hard Place Conlog Most constrained
Bugs without Errors art Least constrained
rtfm art Best documentation
“Self-Documenting” Conlog Worst documentation
Pitchdrop Experiment art + Conlog Most tar in the Turing pit
That Delivery Was Not What We Hoped It Would Be jdkaplan Last place in the pizza contest *
The Rodrigo Award cynary Best proof of Turing completeness by construction
sleep(28800) jdkaplan Most sleep
Burning the Midnight Oil kade Least sleep

* Awarded as a consolation prize. The pizza contest is a lot like poohsticks: we ordered pizza at the same time and then waited to see when each delivery arrived. There is no award for first place; the prize was getting pizza quickly.